Meet our friend Malena from Finland

NAME: Malena Björndahl, blog  “Malenami”

CITY: My home is both in Finland and Sweden, outside of Umeå

ORIGIN: Karleby in Finland

Malenami Gullam Heart of lovikka AW 17

OCCUPATION: Entrepreneur, blogger, influencer, photographer, model

FREETIME: I love to be by the sea.

WEEKEND PLANS: I have been travelling a lot lately so I really look forward to a long, lazy weekend at home with my loved ones.

LOOK UP TO: My mum and my grand mothers 

MY DREAM: Livin´it;)

Malenami Gullam Heart of lovikka AW 17 2

GOOD MUSIC: Swedish music, right now I can´t stop listening to Bara stanna en stund by Caroline af Ugglas and David Urwit

GOOD READ: Every night we read the classic children´s book Tomtebobarnen, we are all scared of the mountain troll! Bu-u-uu!


HEART OF LOVIKKA FAVORITES: Super-cozy and warm Stina, knitted in traditional Lovikka patterns - I wear it all the time! I also love my mohair chunky knit Gullan sweater with the comfy long arms and holes for my thumbs! Dress Margareta is also a favourite, it is so thin and has a beautiful cut and oh so warm and soft. I bet it will be one of those favourites this winter...

Malenami Heart of Lovikka AW 17 Gullan sweater

Meet our friend Tricia from Montreal

NAME: Tricia Pepper

CITY: Stockholm

ORIGIN: Montreal, Canada

OCCUPATION: I'm the Content Marketing Manager at Bemz, an amazing Swedish company that makes original design covers for IKEA sofas and chairs.

FREE TIME: Skiing, cooking, getting to know Sweden

WEEKEND PLANS: Bike around Lidingö with my family, looking for the best public BBQ spots.

I LOOK UP TO: People in their 80s and 90s who are still active, curious and young at heart. I think they're great role models for all of us.

MY DREAM: To write a juicy novel

GREAT MUSIC: Anything from the Big Band era

GOOD READ: The Hare with the Amber Eyes, by Edmund de Waal (who, coincidentally, is having an exhibition right now at Artipelag - he’s a ceramicist as well as an excellent writer)

WHAT I LOVE ABOUT SWEDEN: What's not to like about Sweden? Best of all though, I like this country's beautiful nature, accessible to everyone, everywhere. I also think that Swedish men are a cut above because they get paternity leave and really know how to take care of their children. It makes for a better society overall.

HEART OF LOVIKKA FAVORITES: I always find something that I love at Heart of Lovikka. The styles are current and flattering and the colour palettes are original and thoughtfully curated. Most of all, I love Heart of Lovikka's attention to detail, their intricate patterns and the high quality of their clothes. The designs are timeless and made to last - a perfect combination if you care about quality.

I love my green Susanne short sleeve linen dress, my sun yellow linen wrap dress Kate, my midnight blue sweater Sofia and last but not least my chunky knit mohair grey cowl neck sweater Gullan (which I had to give to my sister because she loved it so much).

Meet our friend Margaret from New York

NAME: Margaret Steiner 

CITY: Stockholm, Sweden

ORIGIN: New York City, USA

OCCUPATION: Architect and writer

Margaret Steiner wearing top EMilia spring summer 2017 Heart of Lovikka

FREE TIME: Ballet or yoga classes (and way too much screen time)

WEEKEND PLANS: With my family at our weekend place in the Swedish countryside

I LOOK UP TO:  Passionate, multi-talented and resilient women who don’t let age define them

MY DREAM: Perfect life balance without sacrifice

Margaret Steiner wearing top Emilia and her fav pink coat Spring Summer 2017

GREAT MUSIC: Miriam Bryant in the car and Bach Cello Suite 1 in the kitchen…while someone else does the cooking! 

GOOD READ: All the Light We Cannot See and the magazine, The Gentlewoman

HEART OF LOVIKKA FAVORITES:  What I love about all of the Heart of Lovikka pieces in my closet, no matter what season, is that they are unique, gorgeous and extremely versatile. I can go from a day at the office to an evening out in the same outfit and feel just as elegant. My wardrobe crush from the Spring/Summer 2017 collection is on the Emilia Tee in black. The neckline and detailing are divine! I’ve been pairing it with everything from a weekend look with comfortable lived-in jeans to a knee-length leather ​skirt and heels. For the summer, I like an effortless pulled-together monochromatic look, so my Heart of Lovikka shopping cart has the The Doris trousers – perfect with my Emilia Tee, and so much more.

Margaret Steiner trning back Heart of Lovikka Spring Summer 2017

Meet our lovely friend Minna

NAME: Minna Tannerfalk

CITY:  In my absolute favourite city - Palma, Mallorca.

ORIGIN: Halmstad, Sweden

OCCUPATION: Photographer, lifestyle blogger, flower girl & stylist. Check out her blog here!

Heart of Lovikka Spring Summer 2017 Cardigan Caroline pants Doris Minna Tannerfalk

Heart of Lovikka Spring Summer 2017 Cardigan Caroline pants Doris Minna Tannerfalk 2

FREE TIME: Since we moved to Mallorca, recently, we have so much family time, I absolutely love it. We discover the island, restaurants and we spend a lot of time at the local skate park. My son Moses loves to watch the older guys, how they skate and do tricks. I love interior design and markets, so I try to visit at least one market a week.

WEEKEND PLANS: We are going to the village of Deia to try out a new restaurant for lunch, then we´ll go hiking and end our day swimming in the wonderful turquoise sea. A friend of ours is coming for a visit, so we are going to have fun and enjoy Mallorca together.

I LOOK UP TO: People who follow their dreams, who dare to let go and try new things. That inspires me so much! Creative souls who follow their desires, what could possibly boost your energy more? 

MY DREAM:  I am living it right now. I pinch my arm every day. I have dreamt about moving to Mallorca for years, and now here I am with my family. Now I only have one big dream left, and now I am starting to make it happen, because I can only do it if I live here. So keep your thumbs crossed for me.

Heart of Lovikka Spring Summer 2017 Cardigan Caroline midgnight blue

GREAT MUSIC: I love any music, but unfortunately I am not a very good singer myself... Music really influences my mood. With the right music in my earphones, I can go from being sad to a feeling of being invincible.

GOOD READ: The latest book I read was Jojo Moyes ”Night Music”. I like her way of writing. I indulge in her world so easily and get a nice break from my ordinary life. Audio books are good, but nothing beats the traditional paperback! 

BEST WITH SWEDEN: The west coast, shellfish and Swedish summer. Nothing beats Swedish summer.

HEART OF LOVIKKA FAVOURITES:  Where do I start? Ever since I tried on my first piece, I was hooked. The structure, the details, the quality.... it really is outstanding. I have many pieces in my wardrobe which I could never have designed as beautifully if I had tried. My absolute favourites? My kimonos and my dresses. And the new set with the midnight blue pants Doris and kimono cardigan Caroline. I love every millimeter of it. Cross my fingers that it will become a big seller so that it will reappear in future collections....

Heart of Lovikka Spring Summer 2017 Cardigan Caroline pants Doris Minna Tannerfalk 3

Spring Summer 2017

The classic Lovikka mitten turns 125 years old this year. As an ode to the era, we’ve channeled our design inspiration from late 19th century fashion details - think lace knits, high collars and ruffles. The trend palette is modern - shades of chartreuse, midnight blue, dusty rose, sand, pewter, black and white. Introducing sweaters knitted in gorgeous lace knit patterns and tops and dresses in this season’s signature shell-like pattern - all knitted in 100% organic cotton. 

Autumn Winter 2016

This season’s collection is inspired by the Torne river, Northern Sweden´s largest river. References to the vivid streams and water formations can be found in the knitwear patterns. The colours of the river landscape inspire: green and aqua shades, sand tones, dusty pink and dark brown.

Introducing sweaters and cardigans knitted in gorgeous Italian baby kid mohair yarn, and tops and dresses in the finest merino wool. Ours is a genuine yet modern look based on a generous, relaxed shape infused with stunning handmade details.

Spring summer 2016

Inspired by the midnight sun in the North of Sweden in the summer months, the collection comes in beautiful pastel colours resembling the colours of the light summer nights. We introduce sweaters and cardigans knitted in a gorgeous Italian linen yarn and thin tops and dresses in a luxurious viscose with a fine lustre. The shape is generous and relaxed. Together with handmade details, we create a genuine, yet modern look. The materials are primarily linen and viscose for sustainable reason.

Autumn Winter 2015

This fall collection is inspired by Sisu. Sisu is a 500 year old Finnish idea, relating to mental toughness and the ability to endure significant stress while taking action against seemingly impossible odds. Sisu is a way of life, a philosophy still deeply rooted within Finnish and also Tornedalic culture. For Sisu, we pictured a strong, courageous woman. Oversize cardigans, rough, courageous knitting patterns and bold colour accents. Paired with handmade details, it creates a genuine, yet sophisticated and modern feel.

Else-Marie cardigan AW15 Heart of Lovikka

Top Helena AW15 Heart of Lovikka

Top Helena AW15 Heart of Lovikka

Else-Marie cardigan AW15 Heart of Lovikka

Spring Summer 2015

The spring summer 2015 collection is inspired by the beautiful birch tree, a very common tree in the northern woods of Sweden. The characteric texture of black and white bark is in the knitting patterns. Paired with handmade details and crochet leather, it creates a genuine, yet sophisticated and modern feel. We also introduce sheer laceknitted tops and dresses in 100% high quality linen. The colour palette follow the birch tree: black, white, green and greenish yellow.







Autumn Winter 2014

AW14 has a roots theme. We love the natural, earthy meaning of roots. Roots give life, they are strong and a vital part of any plant. We also see roots in the sense of heritage: we think it´s important to stay true to your roots. The organic form of roots are in the knitting patterns. Crocheted rootlike leather belts contrast the soft wool. We introduce silk dresses with beautiful felted wool details, furry wool tops with mother of pearl buttons and beautiful crochet leather accessories.

W14 Heart of Lovikka Silk top Magnhild

Silk top Magnhild, merino skirt Amalia and hand crochet leather neclace Elsa.

AW14 Heart of Lovikka Alpaca wool bouclet top with leather bracelet Vera

Alpaca wool bouclet top with leather bracelet Vera.

AW14 Heart of Lovikka top Gunnel

Wool bouclet top Gunnel with mother of pearl buttons down the back.

AW14 Heart of Lovikka poncho dress Eivor

Poncho dress Eivor in pure wool and leather details.

AW14 Heart of Lovikka Wool poncho Majvor

Wool poncho Majvor with handembroidered neckline and pom poms.

AW14 Heart of Lovikka Long cardigan Fanny and dress Berta

Long cardigan Fanny and dress Berta.

AW14 Heart of Lovikka Mohair cardigan Gunhild with a beautiful Lovikka lace knit

Mohair cardigan Gunhild with a beautiful Lovikka lace knit and silk dress Disa.

AW14 Heart of Lovikka dress Anna with hand embroidered leather neckline and hand crochet leather bracelet

Dress Anna with hand embroidered leather neckline and hand crochet leather bracelet.


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