The Heart of Lovikka story

In 1892, a very special, warm and beautiful mitten, later named the Lovikka mitten, was first knitted in Lovikka by a woman named Erika Aittamaa. Erika had an impoverished upbringing, living with her family in a small wooden house and knitting for the people in town. A woodsman requested a pair of very thick, durable mittens and so she set about spinning and knitting a pair of really thick mittens which she felt would last several seasons. The customer was not pleased with the mittens and even said she had spoilt his good wool. So, Erika took them back and washed and brushed them.

These mittens then became very popular and later Erika added the turned-back, embroidered cuffs. Lovikka mittens are knitted in two strands of yarn and then washed. After fulling to the desired size, the mitten is brushed inside and out for warmth and cosiness and embroidery and braid added on the cuff for a traditional look. Today, the Lovikka mittens are very popular, almost iconic mittens in Sweden. The mittens are still being knitted in Lovikka. However, the knitting factory in Lovikka went bankrupt in 2007. Today only seven ladies in Lovikka still knit and most of them are retired. Hardly any young people are learning the handicraft.

When I heard about this through my relatives in Lovikka, I felt a strong urge to do something, to make sure the century old knitting tradition doesn´t die out. My idea was to blend tradition with contemporary fashion, to create beautiful garments with a strong heritage. And so Heart of Lovikka was born. The knitting community of Lovikka supports Heart of Lovikka. All collection pieces are named after the knitting women in the Lovikka village. We try to keep production as European as possible. The clothes are designed in Sweden, knitted in Lithuania with yarn from Italy and Sweden. The merino wool comes from wellkept sheep in New Zeeland (mulesfree). The Lovikka yarn comes from Holma Hälsingland in Hudiksvall, Sweden. In the future, we aim to work solely with ecological yarns and climate-friendly industrial processes as close to Sweden as possible.

Heart of Lovikka is nominated for the Fashion brand of the Year Award 2013 by the Swedish Fashion Council. The garments are designed to make you feel inspired, feminine and extraordinarily attractive. We hope that Heart of Lovikka will fuel you with energy and joy and become one of those favourites in your wardrobe. Enjoy!

Sofia Hagelin

founder Heart of Lovikka

Mormor Märta



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