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  • Amanda

    This wear anywhere lace-knit cardigan in 100% eco-cotton has a graphic pattern that gives a modern twist to a classic look. The push buttons and the lovely raglan piping creates a relaxed, sporty feel. 

    909,60 kr 1 516,00 kr -40%
  • Matilda

    Our best selling cardigan from the Lovikka collection with a genuine Lovikka pattern, push buttons, round neck and one side front pocket. This 100% organic cotton cardigan has the structure of a jacket and could easily replace a blazer at work for a softer look. Check out the video below. 100% organic cotton Small, choose a larger size  Machine wash 

    957,60 kr 1 596,00 kr -40%
  • Hanna

    Soft chunky knit cardigan Hanna in a lovely cotton cashmere mix with lovikka patterns and push buttons will be a favourite this summer. Wear it at work for a more relaxed look or with jeans at the weekend picnic.

    1 053,60 kr 1 756,00 kr -40%
  • Kristina

    This is a relaxed wrap cardigan for lazy summer days, knitted in this season´s 70s inspired flower pattern. Made of our cotton cashmere, it has a supersoft touch. Wear it with trousers Berta, wedges and large sunglasses for a guaranteed cool look.

    813,60 kr 1 356,00 kr -40%

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